Managing the Financial Affairs of a Select Group of Families & Institutions.

Hurlow Wealth Management Group is an independent wealth management advisory firm serving individuals, families, and businesses.  We provide our clients with comprehensive wealth management strategies designed to them organize their finances, clarify their goals, and implement an appropriate investment portfolio to help meet those goals.  Before making any investment recommendations, we walk through a planning process with our clients that takes into account their overall financial situation, including: retirement and education planning, estate* and legacy planning, insurance and risk management planning, investment-related tax planning, and liability management strategies.  With this information, we get to know our clients at a deeper level and are able to provide more tailored recommendations.

Our mission is to form life-long client relationships built on a foundation of trust and client satisfaction.  We work with our clients to formulate a comprehensive plan, implement that plan, and provide ongoing guidance and direction.  As we work to help our clients accomplish their ultimate individual, family, and organizational goals, our focus never wavers from what is important - you, our client.

Hurlow Wealth Management Group presently serves clients in 19 states and is based out of Bloomington, Indiana.  We are currently accepting new clients.  Our unofficial account minimum is $500,000, however, the most important factor is that we are always looking for more nice individuals, families, and organizations to help. 


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If you would like to schedule an appointment or simply have a question for us, please call our office at 812-333-4726 or email 

*Hurlow Wealth Management Group and Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network do not provide tax or legal advice. Estate plans should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is licensed to practice law in your state.